Improve your company's profitability

Optimize your fleet management

CENTINELA has developed a device designed for the fleet management of machinery and SMEs. With CENTINELA you can get what you really need.


GPS location

You'll always know where your vehicles are. Even in the event of a robbery, we'll take you to the thief's door.


Optimal maintenance

Know in real time the effective machines´s number of hours. Ideal for properly managing your maintenance.


Integration with ERP

Integration with ERP applications allows you to automate billing. You can bill for the work actually done.

100% of your controlled fleet

Increase your company's profitability

Incredible prices

We offer you the best prices on the market. Controlling your fleet will be as easy as pressing a button.

Increase your income from the first month

You'll know at all times when they're using the machinery. Start billing on weekends and holidays that your machinery is working.

Simple and easy-to-use application

Designed to be easy to operate and can work with multiple people at the same time.

Simplify your billing

Check in all weekend, holiday and off-hours work.


Several people control the fleet from the PC, tablet or mobile at the same time.

Support forever

You have personalized, free, lifetime technical support

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